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Microsoft DRM or Digital rights management is a access control technology that controls what you can do with the media and hardware you’ve purchased. For example, you bought ebook from but you can not read that book in your choice of ebook reader. That ebook is DRM protected and can not be shared.

current version plugin microsoft® drm is a special plugin for the Firefox web browser. This specific program allows users to access many of the audio and video feeds through the Microsoft label which are available online.  It is through this system that Microsoft can cut users off from specific functions when not using a Microsoft browsing system.  It is because of this that people using other browsers need the plugin.logo-DRM
DRM plug-in adds overall performance to Windows xp Press Player by permitting it take care of Electronic Legal rights. This Digital Rights Administration program aids you with audio/video information about an IP network to your Computer. This plugin will let you flow press to other playback products. With this particular plugin, distribution service is in a position to keep up management about the information. It may manage how a information is used more than the network.
Developers can protect the media they create with a license under Windows Media Rights Manager. Microsoft’s DRM plugin ensures the content is distributed under terms of license only. The plugin also allows you to stream media to other playback devices.

Why You Should Use Microsoft® DRM Plugin:

If you are using Firefox as your Internet browser and you want to be able to access all audio and video feeds, you will need to have current version plugin microsoft® drm .  Using this plugin system allow Firefox browser to access the specific DRM formatted files.  Most often these files are videos that have been created with restricted permissions.


Microsoft® DRM plugin is installed with the Windows Media Player. The link provided below will assist you in downloading the latest version of the Windows Media Player which also has the DRM Plugin.

How to remove Microsoft® DRM Plugin?

The plugin does not impact performance but it collects DRM related usage data. If you want to uninstall it for that reason, the process isn’t entirely straightforward as you have to delete the library (dll) file directly from system folders. Proceed at your own risk by following instructions specified here.


current version plugin microsoft® drm is a requirement if you use your computer to listen for digital media. The plugin has nothing to install since it automatically installs with Windows Media Player. It works silently without ever bothering you with anything.

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