Current Version Plugin Picasa

Picasa plugin persists to astonish with the efficiency which allows users to import, edit, upload and share digital photos. Picasa is introduced by Google. Google has been updating this plugin ever since it was released for the initial time. It has improved in terms of interface and user-friendliness. Picasa is as well one of the simpler to utilize tool. It permits you to edit your pictures, insert Geo-tagging and saved them to Picasa web album. Furthermore, it has face-recognition feature. The plagin allows interaction between the web browser and desktop.
Current version plugin Picasa is one of Google product which allow users to display, edit, upload and share images or photos. After launch Google +, Google has improve Picasa feature.In current version of Picasa has a feature Geo-tagging and Face recognition. It also make photo sharing easy to your circle. Picasa is designed for Google Chrome web browser, but it will be able use in Firefox browser using "AddToPicasa" add-on.Current-Version-Plugin-Picasa
Users can control which file types and folder Picasa displays. It also allows to import photos from many sources, including cameras, CDs, memory cards, scanners, webcams etc. Imported photos are saved on computer and automatically displayed in Picasa.
Users can organize photos in three different type of collections. Folders, Albums and People.It also has a feature for face recognition.

Where Can You Download Picasa plugin

To download this plug-in, you must first go to Google extension directory. You can start by browsing the different options available in the directory. The best way to download the current version plugin Picasa is through clicking on download button below.

How to install:

After download the software, twice click it to begin installation. It will promptly install once you submit primary information it wants.

Which Browsers Support This Plugin:

The browsers that support the Current Version Plugin Picasa include Google Chrome only. This plugin doesn't work with any other web browser. If you want to use the same features from Firefox web browsers then "AddToPicasa" would be a great solution for you to share and upload images directly to picasa from your Mozilla web browser. You need to connect your Google account with plugin to enjoy features of this plugin.(download AddToPicasa from here)

How to Remove Picasa Plugin:

To remove from Firefox, go to Tools > Add-ons > Plugins > and select AddToPicasa in the list > Disable. Firefox will disable this plugin. You can also completely remove it after disabling.
To remove from Google Chrome, go to Tools > Extensions > and select Picasa in the list > Disable. Chrome will disable this plugin. You can also completely remove it by clicking on dustbin icon near check-box.


Current Version Plugin Picasa allows you to share images and videos straight from your web browser at super-fast speed. It also allows you to add tags to your uploaded images and also used to organize web albums. Its extremely recommended for those who want to share media at lightening fast speed within click.Picasa adds a new feature called "Face Movie" video that animates photos of your contacts.

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