Current Version Plugin ESN Sonar API

ESN Sonar is a cloud hosted service for integrating voice communication on websites.
By bridging the desktop and the web, Sonar lets users stay connected while browsing web pages or even when shutting down the browser. Its the program they use for the Voice Chat in Battlelog.
Quoted from: Home site.
current version plugin ESN Sonar API is a Shareware software in the category Audio & multimedia developed by ESN AB, it's used for the voice service in BF3 & BF4. It is the equivalent of the party VOIP on XboxLive would you consider that a IN-game Voip Solution. it very useful in a Commander mode, player should be able to give commands to the squad leaders and also should be able to talk to them directly. 
We are currently aware of that IE9 and 10 are not downloading the latest Battlelog plugin automatically after clicking on "Download".
please right-click on "Download again" and choose "Save file as...". You can also download the file manually from here. Then navigate to your download folder and double click the installer. This should update your Battlelog plugin for all installed browsers. Many users may be exposed to this problem "ESN SONAR stopped working". it's most likely that the required plugins are not enabled (or that you've installed an outdated version). Please check that the browser plugin is enabled in Firefox. To do so, please click on Addons in the menu, then select Plugins. Select “Always Activate”. Make sure that current version plugin ESN Sonar API as well as ESN Launch Mozilla Plugin are enabled.
plugin ESN Sonar API

other solution:

Close origin, close browser.
Control Panel ---> Uninstall Programs
Uninstall Battlelog Web Plugins
Uninstall ESN Sonar (dont restart now)
Open your downloads folder and install latest plugin.
Restart computer
Open browser(not origin) and head to battlelog
Then open Battlelog and download/install the latest web plugin setup file again. Reload your browser window and check if Battlelog recognizes the plugin, if not, take another look at the plugins for Firefox. You could also try it with another browser temporarily, to check if it's a general issue or just something regarding Firefox.


current version plugin ESN Launch Mozilla Plugin provide the following features:
* Chat: a real-time web chat system, with group chat support, for all friends and Platoon members.
* Com Center: a central game hub for all the Battlefield games with real-time events, chats, group chats, voice and instant click-to-join a friend functionality.
* Web voice: a web implementation of the seamlessly integrated voice solution between the game the web, the back-end, and also the API for the voice support in the game.

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