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McAfee Security Center is an antivirus which has been designed to combat threats that come from the internet and viruses. For those who are afraid to navigate, to consult their account or shopping on the web, McAfee Plugin is the solution you need. It protects your computer from viruses, worms, Trojans, keyloggers and even it protects your email, removable drives. In addition it offers the functionality of parental control and anti-spam. current version plugin McAfee Securitycenter combines a set of services with simplified access to security products managed through These services which include in particular a security index and a real-time alert system. They provide you recommendations to protect yourself from various threats, those related to the use of the Internet. The main function of the current release is to integrate some security functions from the McAfee Security Scan into the Firefox browser. Which not only will it offer security but will gauge how well Firefox performs.

general features:

- Virus detection.
- Blocking porn sites. Current Release of mcafee_securitycenter
- It also has a firewall which allows you to set your network setting.
- Report of scanned files.
- Automatic Update.
- Detect threats in running processes.
- Customize the scan.

McAfee Security Center Add-on provides comprehensive protection of your system against many threats of the Internet. The application secures all your online activities (navigation, shopping, sending e-mail) and protects you from viruses, spam, spyware. A module of parental control to block Web sites and images that may offend children. In addition, the program performs automatic backups of your important files (pictures, music, videos). The current version plugin McAfee Securitycenter can be download through the link we have provided to you here. After Installing the McAfee Security Scan Plus software the software may prevent your Firefox browser from accessing the internet, in that case all you would need to do is reset your network setting.


- a registration is required to evaluate the product.
- latest version plugin McAfee SecurityCenter will automatically added in your web browser.
- Installing the old version may not be helpful for you.

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