Yahoo ActiveX Plug-in Bridge

Current Version Plugin Yahoo ActiveX Plug-in Bridge

ActiveX is a Microsoft technology used in programming to enable dialogue between programs. previously known as OLE controls or OCX controls, are components (or objects) that you can insert into a Web page or another program so as to reuse built-in functionality programmed by someone else. For example, the ActiveX controls that are included in Internet Explorer allow you to enrich your Web pages with layout and sophisticated animations features. If you do need to support Windows Media Player embedded in your Firefox browser then look for install the current version plugin Yahoo ActiveX Plug-in Bridge. Plugins are generally used to add functions to the web browser. Mozilla Firefox supports browser plugins that run as an unrestricted separate process outside the browser and cannot be sandboxed as tabs. While Firefox does not natively support ActiveX, you probably have a plug-in to enable ActiveX in Firefox, most often in support of sites that wish to embed content in Windows Media Player in the browser. current version plugin Yahoo ActiveX Plug-in Bridge is a widget created by Yahoo, it allows use or create a bunch of extensions multimedia on a web site. it is come in the form of controls, documents, and scripts. You will need it for such programs like windows media player. current release of Yahoo! activeX Plug-in Bridge help the Mozilla Firefox Web browser perform specific functions like viewing special graphic formats or playing multimedia files like Adobe Flash or Apple QuickTime. In other word, we need use this plugin when we access some website with audio/video files that required windows media player to play it. You cannot install this plugin as standalone. You will not find its standalone version. To update, you will have to install one of YAHOO product such as Yahoo messenger or Yahoo tool bar.


If you want to delete the ActiveX plugin for Firefox, you need to delete manually four files. don't forget to close Firefox before you start the uninstallation
(the mentioned here is the Firefox default installation directory):

\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\npmozax.dll
\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components\nsIMozAxPlugin.xpt
\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components\nsAxSecurityPolicy.js
\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref\activex.js

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