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With the launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft has developed a set of technologies called software protection platform (SPP). These technologies allow to effectively identify counterfeit in Windows Vista, goods and the basis of Windows Genuine Advantage in Windows 7, including both the activation and validation. The SPP was developed to combat piracy, to protect clients from the risks of counterfeit software and assist volume licensing customers to better manage their software assets. The SPP integrates anti-piracy innovations, tools of detection of counterfeits as well as resistance to tampering in a complete platform offering greater software protection to individual clients, organizations and software industry. There is no harm in removing this plugin from your Firefox. It won’t make any difference in your browsing experience. If you do not want this in you PC, you can remove it anytime. To remove it click Start -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program, Select “Update for Windows (KB971033)” and click Uninstall. You may find some problems in Microsoft sites, if you want to download something which is available for Genuine Windows users only. You will have to verify your account by some online validation. Users will receive a pop-up dialog box alerting them their Microsoft software is not genuine as shown in the following picture.
WGA_Notice_Microsoft software is not genuine

Windows Genuine Advantage in Windows 7 offers significant improvements. It includes a user experience that is enriched with a clear and streamlined interface that can be configured by system administrators and offers enterprise customers the ability to manage activation more effectively within a deployment. Assistance is also optimized for virtual systems and DNS integration, promoting the improvement of the management and reporting.
In other words, current version plugin windows genuine advantage validation plug-in is an anti-piracy system created by Microsoft that enforces online validation of the licensing of several recent Microsoft Windows operating systems. it has the same function of Windows Activation Technologies, it is for the activation and validation in Windows device. it checks and validate windows from time to time, it will also attempt to repair Windows 7 licensing components that may have been damaged, moved, or deleted. Microsoft provides a plug-in for Firefox, which should enable the Windows validation process. The current version plugin Windows Genuine Advantage is meant for the prominent internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome. So that the user can swiftly download or upgrade MS software such as MS Office, Windows OS, Without causing any glitches. The Windows Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Site will automatically detect settings of your Mozilla Firefox web browser to ensure that the appropriate helper applications such as the Microsoft WGA plugin for Mozilla Firefox is installed. To use Windows Genuine Advantage, you will need to submit the Windows key or serial number in the Microsoft registration page. The serial is a 25 character string of alphanumeric characters. The serial key can be found on your Windows 7 DVD.

conclusion :

The current release of Windows Genuine Advantage plug-in validation process validates the present installation of Windows and its license key against the detected computer hardware and determines if the software was licensed from Microsoft. Users can install and validate windows here.

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