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Current Version Plugin Google Updater

When you are focused on your add-ons list of Mozilla Firefox, you may notes a strange plugin called "Google update" already installed and active in your plugins list. it is a plugin comes with Google product, the plugin will automatically added to your Mozilla Firefox plugin list after you installed one of Google product such Google Earth, Google Chrome etc. You don't need to worry about that because this extension is safe and don't affect to user browsing experience. With current version plugin Google Updater, you will automatically have all the Google programs up to date. It will silently update programs without even asking your permission. This little application makes the installation process more convenient and faster, since it allows you to update all Google-Programs in just a few clicks.

download :

How to find which version you are using? it is very easy, just go Mozilla plugincheck page, this page will scan your Firefox for latest updates and inform you about the update status your already installed plugins. You can directly update you Google plugins from this page. Once you complete your update process, you will never receive error message until next update.
Current Version Plugin Google Updater

uninstall :

By default, current version plugin google updater will be installed automatically, but if you don't need it, they can be uninstalled. However, Google updater cannot be uninstall while you still have Google software on your computer. the smart solution given in this article How To Uninstall Google Update Plugin.

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