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Current Version Plugin Realplayer Download Plugin

realplayer-download-plugin The current version plugin (RealPlayer plugin) enables you to play and download various multimedia formats in browsers, as well as burn CDs and DVDs.

current version plugin Realplayer Download Plugin is installed on your system with the installation of the desktop mode of RealPlayer. RealPlayer is a top media player that allows you to play DVDs, create playlists, play and download video content, and burn CDs or DVDs. It supports a range of multimedia formats and is available for most popular browsers – IE, Firefox, and Chrome. You may have to change the player’s settings to make it the default player for other media formats too.

Install / Upgrade info:

The RealPlayer plugin is installed with the desktop app. It is not a separate install and it cannot be upgraded standalone.
Download link :
current version plugin Realplayer Download Plugin

Applies to:

Google Chrome (24.0.1312.52 and 2 earlier versions), Mozilla Firefox (18.0.1 and 2 earlier versions), Internet Explorer 8 and later.

Supported OS:

Windows XP / Vista / 7, Windows 8 (desktop)

With the Current version plugin RealPlayer download plugin enabled on your browser, you can play any multimedia file in the browser, along with watching TV shows and hearing radio online.
The RealPlayer download plugin has some issues with Firefox because of a version of Adobe Flash that the plugin is not compatible with. The workaround to this is to use another browser or install a lower version of Adobe Flash for Firefox by following the instructions here.

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