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Windows Presentation Foundation plugin (WPF plugin) is a special kind of plug-in that enables user to view certain types of multimedia files on the website. This plug-in is part of Automatic updates from Microsoft. The odd part is that it gets installed automatically in Firefox as soon as the suitable update/download happens and didn’t take the users permission to perform this task!

The current version plugin Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plugin used to add additional features to Firefox. This plugin activate use of  XAML browser applications (XBAPs), loose XAML, and ClickOnce applications to work with the Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla has been already blocked this plugin soon after its launch but only for two days. It is unblocked now as Mozilla has been confirmed about security issues with this plugin. You can find it in the list of Mozilla supported plugin directory. This plugin uses .NET Framework for Firefox to enable features.

Where Can You Download Current Version Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin :

To download this plug-in, you must first go to msdn microsoft website. You can start by browsing the different options available in the website. A few stand-alone installers are also available in third party current version plug-in websites but so far, the best way to download the Current Version Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin is through clicking on download button below
click here to download

Install/Upgrade info:

Installing the current version plugin Windows Presentation Foundation requires an installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. However, if you want to enable XBAP content in the browser without reinstallating WPF, you can copy files from a working windows XP or Vista PC to the browser’s plugin directory. The common location of the WPF plugin dll is as follows but may vary:

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\WPF\NPWPF.dll in version 3.5 (SP1)
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\WPF\NPWPF.dll in version 4
Windows Presentation Foundation-plugin

How to Update

To update this plugin, you need to update .Net Framework to its recent version. This plugin will be automatically updated with update of  .NET Framework.


 Uninstalling current version plugin Windows Presentation Foundation is not possible standalone. You need to delete files from folders and registry entries manually. You can try to do so by following instructions given here at your own risk.


Presentation Foundation plugin helps Firefox web browser to check version of .Net installed on your system. It is inbuilt with newer version of Windows XP and Firefox to enhance browsing experience. current version plugin Windows Presentation Foundation also used to make standalone application using cross browsing platforms which requires in depth coding knowledge and experience.

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