Photodex Presenter Plugin

Current Version Plugin Photodex Presenter Plugin

Photodex is a software developer that specializes in the digital imaging market and are primarily known for the ProShow product line. it is a shareware program developed by Photodex. Some of the output formats require Photodex Presenter for playback. Photodex Presenter is a free plug-in for your web browser that allows you to view streaming ProShow presentations on the web. it provides superior playback quality and performance in addition to supporting all the effects found in DVDs and PC executable created in ProShow Producer.


Photodex Presenter is a browser plugin that allows images to be displayed in a browser window as a slide show. The shows are played using the Presenter Web plug- in, which plays your shows inside a web page. Presenter must be installed, the HTML on your page must be properly configured and the web. The current version plugin Photodex Presenter Plugin is designed specifically to play back ProShow presentations over the web. It contains no components for any other task. This helps keep Presenter secure by limiting Presenter’s capabilities.
Current Version Plugin Photodex Presenter Plugin

Do I need ProShow to use Presenter?

No, photodex presenter plug-in simply lets you view slide shows that have been created in ProShow. Presenter is also the plug-in that allows you to share and view videos online.

download and install:

Presenter is installed when you install ProShow Producer or Gold, but it can also be installed separately. you just need to download the latest version plugin of Photodex Presenter from this link and start the installation by double clicking on the file you downloaded. finally follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
After you have installed the current version plugin Photodex Presenter Plugin, simply visit a web page that contains a ProShow slide show and it will begin to play automatically. With built-in controls, you control show playback in your web browser. You can also use the right-click menu to access additional playback features.
photodex presenter plugin


If your web show is not working on your web page, try some of the following tests to see if you have uploaded and embedded the show correctly.

• Make sure your PX show is where you think it is.
• Make sure that the Presenter Web Plug-In is properly installed and functioning.
• Make sure your web server can deliver PX files.
This add-on is only available as a 32-bit version. It will run fine on 64-bit computers, but it not available for the 64-bit versions of web browsers.

conclusion :

current version plugin photodex presenter plugin is a player that lets you view ProShow PX files (web slide shows) over the Internet. it allows you to create advanced, professional-grade presentation masterpieces that not only emotionalize and inspire audiences but also bring them to the point of sale.