How To Update Firefox Add-ons plugincheck

How to find which version you are using?

you just need to visit the officielle Mozilla plugincheck page, You can directly update your Add-ons & Plugins from this page. This website will scan your Firefox for latest updates and inform you about the update status your already installed plugins. Once you complete your update process, you will enjoy the benefits of the add-ons features.

How do I update a Firefox plugin?

1) Open the Tools.
2) Choose Add-ons.

3) Click the plugins tab.

4) Click "check to see if your plugins are up to date"

or just visit the official mozilla page to download your plugins update "plugincheck"

Why You Should Update your Plugins?

* New Plugins may have improvements may have new functions.
* Old Plugins may not be compatible with your current version of Firefox.
* Old Plugins may crash your browser; may can interrupt browsing.
* Old Plugins may have bugs and security issues and increase your risk for attack.

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