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Current Version Plugin Office Genuine Advantage

Recently, Microsoft released an office update KB949810 know as Office Genuine Advantage (OGA). OGA Validation will perform genuine test on installed Microsoft Office software. If your Office product is validated as not genuine, notification message will be displayed on notification area at splash screen during Office program startup (“This copy of Microsoft Office is not genuine”).

This copy of Microsoft Office is not genuineThe customer will receive this dialog box the first time they open an Office application every day. current version plugin Office Genuine Advantage, Allows you to checks and validate Office product from time to time. it  is an online process that lets you verify that your copy of Microsoft Office is genuine. Currently, online validation is supported by all editions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista as well as Windows XP editions. this process might be required for your copy of Windows before you can get downloads and some updates from Microsoft. you will get Office Genuine Advantage Plugin after installing Windows Update  (KB949810). Some users may have problem during installing the OGA, it may because javascript on your browser not active. If you have same problem you just need enable all setting on your web browser. If you are unable to run validation process or the installation is failed, you need to uninstall OGA before and then trying to installing it again. To uninstall Just follow these steps: Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\8998da55d52b36c0e98ba016ddd50de0\ folder. (The directory may be different, so if not found search for after that extract with WinRAR to get a file named OGANotifier.msi. Right click on OGANotifier.msi, and select Uninstall. Note: Remember to block the update from been installed again in WU.

In other words, current version plugin Office Genuine Advantage offers a unique value, regular updates and improvements Microsoft that can make counterfeit versions of Office. Thanks to the authentic version of Office, you spend less time updating your software.

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