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Current Version Plugin Battlelog Game Launcher

Battlelog is the official stats tracking and management system for Battlefield. It’s a free, web-based system that serves as the main menu for Battlefield, from where players can launch the singleplayer campaign, co-op and multiplayer. current version plugin Battlelog Game Launcher gives you the ability to keep up to date on what is happening right now in Battlefield and how your friends are progressing. Battlelog is also available to those who play Battlefield on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, they can access their stats, leaderboards and much more on Battlelog as well. There is no in-game server browser in Battlefield on PC, it’s all handled via the web-based Battlelog. Here are some Battlelog features:
- Full server browser/filter
- Profile pages for players
- Friend centric game browser
- A news feed where players can track what their friends are up to
- Chat and VoIP in the comcenter
- IM chat system-Awards, rankings and leaderboards
- Clan management, called “Platoons”
- Cloud stored save games and settings
- Ability to create an manage multiple soldiers
- Statistics and game progress
- Add friends from Xbox Live, PSN, Origin and Facebook

current version plugin Battlelog Game Launcher is part of Electronic Arts Battlefield game which provides real-time notifications when your friends unlock new weapons or get new awards and comment on their posts. Battlelog Web Plugins is a program developed by EA Digital illusions, it may automatically download and install updates from time to time. users may be exposed to many problem.
Choose one of the solutions to overcome problem:

Firefox user:

Click Tools , Add Ons , PlugIns
ESN Sonar handles Voip through the broswer for ingame voice chat.
current version plugin Battlelog Game Launcher
If you don't have these uninstall battlelog plugin through control panel & Restart your computer. Re-download battlelog plug-in & don't use your old copy , save it & log out of Origin before you run it.
Make sure antivirus settings don't interfere with install & restart your computer when done. Load Up Firefox after restart & check you have ESN Sonar plug-in.

Google Chrome User:

A couple of steps to take in order to get it running in Chrome.
Go to Programs and Features and uninstall any existing versions of ESN Sonar / Battlelog Plugin
Now open up Chrome go to advanced settings and Select "Reset Browser Settings''.
Open up BF4 and it will take you to Battlelog. You should be prompted to download and install the latest plugin. Go ahead and do that. Exit BF4 and Chrome browser.
Fire up BF4 again and if you get a "blocked plugin" warning at the top right hand corner make sure to enable the plugin.
At that point everything should work ok. If it still acts up type the following into your browser address bar; chrome://plugins/
Scroll down the list of installed plugins and make sure the one ESN Sonar API & Battlelog Game Launcher are enabled.

other solution:

1. Close Battlelog and the Battlelog icon in the bottom right near the clock.
2. Update your Flash player.
3. Clear ALL OF YOUR BROWSERS CACHE'S This can be done in the settings of each browser (ctrl+shift+del), or by external software like CCleaner.
4. Un-Install Battlelog Plugins and ESN Sonar.
5. Re Download and install the plugins.
6. Create a group chat and join in BF3 (Currently there is no ability to do so in BF4) Then Switch back to BF4.
7. Have Fun with private group chat.

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