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Current Version Plugin Windows Activation Technologies

Software piracy is one of the major problems facing the global software industry. It affects not only the global economy but also the legitimate companies that find themselves in competition with those selling counterfeit software. With Windows ® 7, Microsoft ® has enhanced its software protection platform by enriching Windows Activation Technologies. These improved technologies of anti-piracy innovations, tools of detection of counterfeits as well as resistance to tampering in a platform complete offering greater software protection. The need for these technologies continues to grow as the risks of counterfeit software become more and more harmful to users, organizations, and the software industry in the broad sense. current release of Windows Activation Technologies Plug-in you have installed in your Firefox came with your Windows 7 update. This plugin is installed when you have recommended update or install all update in Windows Update setting. If you install update manually, you can choose to install kb971033 update.


The current version plugin Windows Activation Technologies can be downloaded from Microsoft download center.
latest version plugin Windows Activation Technologies

Software Overview :

The original software Windows 7 include an anti-piracy technology, called Windows Activation Technologies. Microsoft hopes to effectively using this technology against piracy. When using this plugin you can activate your Windows via Mozilla web-browser. just, you must submit the Windows key or serial number can be found on your DVD original windows 7. When validating process current version plugin Windows Activation Technologies will collect some information from your computer like computer model, operating system version, MAC address, BIOS, hard drive serial number, windows product ID and many others.

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