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The Google Earth plugin is an extension of Web browser. It allows you to view and explore integrated 3D globe on various websites, such as Google Maps including geographic data. current version plugin google earth plugin is an extension to the most popular web browsers and it allows you to exploit the data of the famous Google Earth software. This extension will allow you to get geographical data, high-resolution images, the vision of the Earth in three dimensions as the topography of the land, buildings. With Google Earth plugin you can enable the 'Earth' and 'Google Maps' function directly from your web-browser and visit the world in 3D without using "Google Earth".

What is the purpose of this software? Provide a guide to urban and geographical overall, based on a detailed and realistic Earth 3D representation. In theory, Google Earth allows to search for anything on our beautiful planet: a pizzeria, a historical monument, a Hotel. The software displays a level of detail such that can even have access to 3D modeling (simple) of buildings over satellite images. For get all that features you have to install Google Earth on your computer, But now with current version plugin Google Earth Plugin you can seen from a web browser. You can navigate and explore the world from anywhere on a 3D globe via web browser and it's different from previous experience. Its amazing for small plugin with more functionality to a web browser. You will be able gain more browsing experience just only integrating Google Earth Plugin into your web browser.

download :

We can also download Google Earth Desktop version for free and browse 3D maps from our computer. Your browser will probably ask for permission to install the plug-in. Click through to allow installation. After you install,reboot your web-browser to display the plug-in correctly. This application was only available on the main systems 'desktop' Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Click download link below to be taken to the page to download the latest version plugin Google Earth Plugin. if you have a problem with installing this plugin just follow the following step: Open up Add-Ons and disable the Google Earth one. download and install the new one over the old one, which will need enabling.
google earth plugin for firefox


- Windows: Select Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Google Earth > Uninstall Google Earth Plug-in.
- Mac: Drag the /Library/Internet Plug-ins/Google Earth Web Plug-in.plugin file to the trash, then restart your browser.

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