Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla

Current Version Plugin Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla

using PDF readers to your browsers is a wise thing for you to do to read documents and keeping your original files. The Current Version Plugin Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla helps you to accomplish those you need. With a fast and secure Foxit Reader Plugin for your Mozilla browsers you can easily download files and can have a free-virus document. So, using this plug-in can make things life easy.

Why You Should Use This Plug-in :

There are so many PDF readers online that you can download but why you should use this plug-in? Simply because by using this plug-in you can gain several benefits from the different features they provide.
The Current Version Plugin Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla can save, listen, play multimedia, and protect your PDF files.
Moreover, this current version of Foxit helps you on the things you want for your PDF documents and files like you want to add emphasis to a certain word/s, share this to some social media sites, edit some contents, and convert it to much simpler files.

There are more of these benefits you can get by using this plug-in to your Mozilla browsers just add this plug-in and let your PDF files and documents improve.

Where Can You Download This Plug-in :

If you want to use the Current Version Plugin Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla then download this plug-in. This plug-in can be downloaded from the different sites like,,, and Download now and find out more about the benefits you can get. There are several sites for you to download this plug-in for free just one click from your computers online you can definitely have it.
download latest version plugin Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla

How to Install This Plug-in :

The things you have to do to install the current version plugin Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla are first download it, click the download file and install it. Then, open the the Foxit Reader Go to the tools menu of your browser, choose the preferences then to the internet and look for your option display of  your PDF and click the button OK to save the setting and you the plug-in is ready to choose. Foxit-Reader-Plugin-for-Mozilla

How to Remove This Plug-in :

And after using the plug-in and you are still not satisfied with the features that the Foxit Reader Plugin provide and you want to change it is first you have to open the tools menu of your browser, after opening pick the Add-ons on the menu, then click on the plug-in tab after, and select the plug-in you wish to remove and then click disable as simple as that.

What Browsers Support This Plug-in :

This plugin supports the only browser Mozilla because this plug-in is created only for Firefox web browsers with an operating system of Windows 7 of your computers. This helps your Firefox browsers to be more advanced with an easy use. Install this now and see the difference.

Conclusion :

Therefore, the use of this current version plugin foxit reader plugin for mozilla can benefit you in many ways. The use of this is plug-in to your browser Mozilla is easy and useful. You can have updates and you can even have to remove ( uninstall ) this plug-in if you are not discontented but I will tell you this, there are many features of this plug-in that you can’t see on any other PDF readers, so why don’t you try using it and be amazed by its various elements it proved. Learn more about how to use the Current Version Plugin Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla and definitely you will enjoy it.

RealNetworks Rhapsody Player Engine

current version plugin RealNetworks Rhapsody Player Engine

Realnetworks rhapsody player engine is the digital music service that allows you to listen all you want from wherever you are. It's the ultimate music cloud experience, with over 16 million songs and every genre to choose from. Check out old school hits, and the newest releases. Get this free, downloadable music player! Search over 2 million songs, listen to your favorites, make playlists, and more.

current version plugin RealNetworks Rhapsody Player Engine allows you to access millions of songs and listen to hours of free music with no credit card required. Get access to completely ad-free radio stations, the power to mix and burn CDs, and software to manage all of your music in one place. Rhapsody also now includes direct web access to the music.

Overview :

Rhapsody Player Engine is a software program developed by RealNetworks. The most common release is 1.0.604, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. Relative to the overall usage of users who have this installed on their PCs, most are running Windows Vista (SP2) and Windows XP. While about 91% of users of Rhapsody Player Engine come from the United States, it is also popular in Ireland and Canada.

current version plugin realnetworks rhapsody player engine is a browser plug-in that gives you access to RealNetwork's online music service. This incredible plug-in allows you to play up to 25 songs per month for free, select the songs you want from millions of songs in RealNetwork's music library and play 25 premium   Rhapsody Channels without limit. Once you install the plug-in, you have to go to and then select the songs that you want to download. When you choose the songs, a small browser's window appear and the download process begins. Unfortunately, this service is currently only available to residents within the United States, so if you don't live in the USA do not waste your time installing it because it is not going to work. Instead, you are sent to visit to download RealPlayer 11. So, if you want to go legit and download the latest hits legally Rhapsody Player Engine has a ever-increasing stock of beats in all the popular genres. However the service comes in a little bit expensive in comparison with other existing services.

Realplayer Download Plugin

Current Version Plugin Realplayer Download Plugin

realplayer-download-plugin The current version plugin (RealPlayer plugin) enables you to play and download various multimedia formats in browsers, as well as burn CDs and DVDs.

current version plugin Realplayer Download Plugin is installed on your system with the installation of the desktop mode of RealPlayer. RealPlayer is a top media player that allows you to play DVDs, create playlists, play and download video content, and burn CDs or DVDs. It supports a range of multimedia formats and is available for most popular browsers – IE, Firefox, and Chrome. You may have to change the player’s settings to make it the default player for other media formats too.

Install / Upgrade info:

The RealPlayer plugin is installed with the desktop app. It is not a separate install and it cannot be upgraded standalone.
Download link :
current version plugin Realplayer Download Plugin

Applies to:

Google Chrome (24.0.1312.52 and 2 earlier versions), Mozilla Firefox (18.0.1 and 2 earlier versions), Internet Explorer 8 and later.

Supported OS:

Windows XP / Vista / 7, Windows 8 (desktop)

With the Current version plugin RealPlayer download plugin enabled on your browser, you can play any multimedia file in the browser, along with watching TV shows and hearing radio online.
The RealPlayer download plugin has some issues with Firefox because of a version of Adobe Flash that the plugin is not compatible with. The workaround to this is to use another browser or install a lower version of Adobe Flash for Firefox by following the instructions here.

Google Update Plugin

current version plugin Google Update Plugin

Google Update plugin is available for Windows to keep your Google applications most up-to-date, stable, and secure. Users can not install this plugin manually, this comes bundled with Google products like chrome, earth etc. When users remove this plugin, it appear again if any Google program is installed or updated.

This plugin is open source component of Google products like Chrome and Earth. You may not notice any window or notification when Google Update is running but may find the process GoogleUpdate.exe in Task Manager. Open source project for this plug is named Ohama.

Google Updater gets installed with Google Pack or Google Earth. It opens an interface to easily manage Google apps that are part of Google Pack and Google Earth. It also includes a service that monitors your Google apps and updates them whenever a new version is available. It shows in the Task Manager as process GoogleUpdater.exe. google-update-plugin

current version plugin Google Update Plugin can be checked in the browser menu where add-on or plugin info is published. For example, in Firefox, go to Menu > Add-ons > Plugins
to know the current version of Google Update.

Install / Upgrade info:

If you uninstall Google Update accidentally, you will have to update your Google applications manually. Google Update will get installed again if you install a Google application on your PC. Google Update does not come as a separate download or upgrade. It is upgraded by Google automatically.
If you remove Google Update processes from your computer, you may find that your Google programs no long function properly and, in many cases, you may see Google Update return automatically.

To fully remove the current version plugin Google Update, uninstall all Google applications from your computer. Wait for an hour after you uninstall Google programs, Google Update should be uninstalled automatically. in the article below you will find a tutorial about How To Uninstall Google Update Plugin.

Intel® Identity Protection Technology

current version plugin Intel® Identity Protection Technology

Protecting your identity and business data stored in the cloud requires strong authentication that is ideally rooted in hardware. Hardware-based authentication is widely regarded by security experts as a more effective approach than software-only authentication.

Intel has built tamper-resistant, two-factor authentication directly into the processors of PCs based on select 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. current version plugin intel® identity protection technology (Intel® IPT) helps prevent unauthorized access to your important personal and business accounts while reducing the cost of traditional hardware solutions. It also provides a simple way for web sites and businesses to validate that a user is logging in from a trusted PC.
Intel® Identity Protection Technology


IPT (Identity Protection Technology), designed to enhance the security of online services. The protection here is a generated password at the hardware every 30 seconds, which will be verified by the domain to which the user wants to access in addition to the username / password usual, so that only machines accredited to connect to the remote server concerned.

Intel Identity Protection Technology is a software program developed by Intel. Upon being installed, the software adds a Windows Service which is designed to run continuously in the background. Manually stopping the service has been seen to cause the program to stop functing properly. The software adds a background controller service that is set to automatically run. Delaying the start of this service is possible through the service manager. The programs's main executable is jhi_service.exe and has been seen to consume and average CPU of less than one percent, and utilizes about 1.41 MB of memory.

Relative to the overall usage of users who have this installed on their PCs, most are running Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows XP. While about 56% of users of current version plugin intel® identity protection technology come from the United States, it is also popular in Germany and Spain. The setup package generally installs about 10 files.


download the current version plugin intel® identity protection technology from the official intel website from this link .

Uninstall Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin

How To Uninstall Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin In Firefox

Firefox users with the latest Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1 installed might have noticed a message yesterday on browser startup that was telling them that the Windows Presentation Foundation plugin and the Microsoft .net Framework Assistant add-on. Quite a few things puzzled many users about this: Most were pretty sure that they did not install the add-on or plugin in first place which made it even more mysterious to them. When they checked the plugins section in Firefox add-ons they also noticed that they could not uninstall the Windows Presentation Foundation plugin in Firefox. Had not it been blocked it would be possible to disable it but that's not the same thing obviously.

The following is a guide on how to remove the Windows Presentation Foundation plugin in the Firefox web browser for good. If the plugin would not be blacklisted it would be possible to find out about its dll files by typing in about:plugins in the web browser address bar.

The dll NPWPF.dll is the Windows Presentation Foundation plugin. Here are the steps to remove it from the Firefox web browser (and other Mozilla products) for good:
- Close the Firefox web browser and every other Mozilla software that is running.
- Go to x:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\Windows Presentation Foundation\ in windows Explorer where x is the drive letter where Windows is installed on the computer system.
- Locate the file NPWPF.dll
- Create a backup of the file by copying it to another location, e.g. to c:\backups\
- Delete the dll NPWPF.dll in the Windows Presentation Foundation folder
- Restart the computer

Open Firefox after the restart. The Windows Presentation Foundation plugin should not show up in the list of installed plugins anymore. There is a second step that might be necessary. There is also a Registry entry for the plugin. Do the following to remove the plugin from there as well:
- Open the Windows Registry, press [Windows key R], type regedit and hit [enter]
- Locate the Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins
- Locate the sub-key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins\,version=3.5
- Right-click the sub-key and select Export to backup the key before deleting it.
- Delete the key in the Registry
- Restart the computer system or kill and reload explorer.exe in Windows to load the Registry without the key.

This should get rid of the Windows Presentation Foundation plugin in Firefox for now.

itunes Application Detector

Current Version Plugin itunes Application Detector

The latest version plugin iTunes application detector is one popular iTunes plugin, its can allow you to manage and control file from the computer. By this plugin you can connect your web browser and give interaction between iTunes and iTunes store , so yo can make purchase apps, music, video etc. iTunes is popular program for Apple device, with iTunes we can listen music, watching video and manage your storage easy.
iTunes is actually basically an Apple app used to listen and create digital media data files on one PC. It will also remain used to watch TV gives, movies and also obey audio books, pod cast and so on. Initially which software was just for Apple’s proprietary OS just however now this has been launched for Windows and enabling thickness target audience reach.

current version plugin iTunes application detector can also used to synchronize data files and moderates involving iPod, iPhone and PC. iTunes are accustomed to visit Apple songs store and browse, pay attention and buy songs and additional products. Recently one Firefox (and Stainless) plug-in has been launched which can identify both the presence on iTunes app on the PC. It plug-in is actually named iTunes application form detector plugin.


On browsing workout is through Chrome or firefox, after that plug-in enable simple interaction between iTunes and also Apple’s online media contain.
- Synchronization recordsdata as well as multimedia between Apple devices and Personal computer.
- Ping feature: Ping is one unique feature by which one can obey their favorite custom and also friend and also find out about the songs people are usually paying attention or downloads. Which feature is actually intrinsic part of iTunes app.
- This plug-in allows you uncomplicated connection involving i-tunes and that apple itunes Websotre when making use of Firefox.
- Purchase electronic digital content through Apple’s market.current-version-plugin-itunes-application-detector


Sometimes if you are browsing Apple’s music contain, then suddenly that you’ll find that iTunes Application Detector form is actually launced (without approval as such). Maybe so annoying and also type of distraction occasionally. But the amazing part is the same can be crippled within little simple steps as intricate below:
- Firefox Users:
*You Launch both the Chrome by originate – All of Programs – Mozilla Chrome or desktop giant
*Go to Resources – Configurations
*Select both the Applications and then find for iTunes
*In the Activities category choose for that Always request.

- Chrome Users:
*Launch both the Google Chrome through start meals and desktop
*Leave about:plugins beneath Chrome location box
*Browse through both the plug-ins listing and also find iTunes Application Detector
*Select Disable to deactivate the plug-in

Install & Upgrade:

The current version plugin iTunes application detector is included in the latest version of iTunes software. The latest plugin can be loaded from
One of the main functions of the iTunes Application Detector is to identify media or application on website and connect you to that media on the iTunes Store.  The iTunes Application Detector isn’t a virus so you don’t have to worry about that. The plugin is free and deployed through the iTunes software during the installation process of the iTunes software.


iTunes application detector plugin is incredibly well-liked therefore you actually better give it a try out and acquire this.
This plugin is very popular so you better give it a try and download it.
be sure to utilize the actual current version plugin, or else you may encounter surprising issues.

Microsoft Office 2010

Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010

Open all file documents from your web browser is a key feature of Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010. People are always searching for web tools that enhance use of internet with ease. Microsoft developed free version of this plugin mainly for Firefox web browser from Mozilla.
The plugin is part of Microsoft Windows 2010 so you don’t have to install it separately in this case. As of now, the current version of the plugin in Microsoft office 2010 is only available for the Mozilla Firefox browser.
this plugin is called WcPlugin.exe and it comes prepackaged with Microsoft Office 2010. For those users who are using previous versions of Office you can download the current version plugin of Microsoft Office by clicking here.
Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity software, some of the new updates in Microsoft Office 2010 are a new ribbon interface, assistance with background removal, new SmartArt templates, new text and image editing effects, a better save and retrieval screen which shows you the latest documents you opened and worked on.Plugin Microsoft Office 2010
After downloading and running the installation file for the Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010, you must restart your browser.Firefox updates most of plugins automatically and show warning to users if any update is available to download.Microsoft Office plugin is unrecognized by Firefox at this time, to update Microsoft Office 2010 plugin for Firefox user needs to update current version of office suite or install available updates of Office Suite from Microsoft’s website.


Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010 brings more advantages for everyone. Users can access, edit and share their files with utmost ease in just one click. It provides for users the effectiveness and competence they expect from their Mozilla Firefox web browser and from the office suite of Microsoft Office 2010.

Microsoft® DRM

Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM

Microsoft DRM or Digital rights management is a access control technology that controls what you can do with the media and hardware you’ve purchased. For example, you bought ebook from but you can not read that book in your choice of ebook reader. That ebook is DRM protected and can not be shared.

current version plugin microsoft® drm is a special plugin for the Firefox web browser. This specific program allows users to access many of the audio and video feeds through the Microsoft label which are available online.  It is through this system that Microsoft can cut users off from specific functions when not using a Microsoft browsing system.  It is because of this that people using other browsers need the plugin.logo-DRM
DRM plug-in adds overall performance to Windows xp Press Player by permitting it take care of Electronic Legal rights. This Digital Rights Administration program aids you with audio/video information about an IP network to your Computer. This plugin will let you flow press to other playback products. With this particular plugin, distribution service is in a position to keep up management about the information. It may manage how a information is used more than the network.
Developers can protect the media they create with a license under Windows Media Rights Manager. Microsoft’s DRM plugin ensures the content is distributed under terms of license only. The plugin also allows you to stream media to other playback devices.

Why You Should Use Microsoft® DRM Plugin:

If you are using Firefox as your Internet browser and you want to be able to access all audio and video feeds, you will need to have current version plugin microsoft® drm .  Using this plugin system allow Firefox browser to access the specific DRM formatted files.  Most often these files are videos that have been created with restricted permissions.


Microsoft® DRM plugin is installed with the Windows Media Player. The link provided below will assist you in downloading the latest version of the Windows Media Player which also has the DRM Plugin.

How to remove Microsoft® DRM Plugin?

The plugin does not impact performance but it collects DRM related usage data. If you want to uninstall it for that reason, the process isn’t entirely straightforward as you have to delete the library (dll) file directly from system folders. Proceed at your own risk by following instructions specified here.


current version plugin microsoft® drm is a requirement if you use your computer to listen for digital media. The plugin has nothing to install since it automatically installs with Windows Media Player. It works silently without ever bothering you with anything.



This short tutorial shows you how to uninstall microsoft DRM plugin from mozilla firefox
Copy this to a text file and Save as "RemoveDRM.cmd" i.e. in the main (C:\) directory:


del C:\Windows\System32\dllcache\npdrmv2.dll
del C:\Windows\System32\dllcache\npwmsdrm.dll
del "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\npdrmv2.dll"
del "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\npwmsdrm.dll"

Search your pc for the above two files and adjust the four del command lines above to reflect their actual location, if different.

Note: This will not work in Win XP inside the RUN command prompt window. DRM-free

1) Reboot, then keep hitting the F8 key until the SAFE MODE pops up.
3) Type: cd C:\ with one space between cd and C:\ Hit ENTER
4) Once at the naked C:\ prompt, type the name of the above file that you saved: RemoveDRM.cmd Hit ENTER
5) Repeat step 3) above and you should receive a message that the files you just deleted cannot be found.
6) Kiss the Microsoft DRM goodbye
7) Exit back to Win XP and the files are gone in both locations mentioned above.

end of solution.
Congratulation microsoft DRM plugin has been uninstalled correctly.

NVIDIA 3D Vision

Current Version Plugin NVIDIA 3D Vision

Playing games and watching videos are coming into the third dimension on web Browser by the technology of NVIDIA. NVIDIA 3D Vision plugin allows you to enjoy 3D videos on your web browser. You will be capable to watch 3D videos in Firefox , Internet Explorer 7 and Google Chrome. But, this will only possible if your computer is equipped by NVIDIA graphic hardware. Hence, if you computer doesn’t get NVIDIA’s hardware, you cannot get this feature on you computer.The current version plugin nvidia 3d vision enables you to watch 3D videos on your browser including YouTube videos and online games. However, this will only work if your PC is equipped with NVIDIA graphic hardware. Also, installation of drivers and plugins is a must for a complete 3D experience on the PC.mozilla-3d-vision-plugin

NVIDIA 3D Vision, earlier known as GeForce 3D Vision, will allow you to enjoy 3D videos from YouTube and online 3D games. There are lots of 3D games that run by the help of NVIDIA 3D Vision like Civilization V, Resident Evil 5, Rusty Hearts, Mafia II, Hard Reset, Battlefield 3 and several others. So if you want to play any of these games or others 3D games on your browser, you have to download and install current version of NVIDIA 3D vision plugin.

Download Plugin:

Current version plugin Nvidia 3D vision can be downloaded with the latest drivers from Nvidia or through the link below.


NVIDIA 3D Vision was identified as GeForce 3D Vision before. This stereoscopic gaming kit was released in 2009 and particularly made for 120 Hz LCD displays. But NVIDIA has made changes to run 3D videos even on CRT monitors. But it is now as well friendly with CRT monitors, which can run on 1024×768×120 Hz or higher displays.
Nvidia gaming kit runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms. Lots of users are claiming that the this add-on is turning browser slow and directs to stop browser working.
The plugin has been found to cause crashes and slow down browsers. It is recommended to have at least 6GB of RAM to ensure the efficient working of this plugin.

Installation Guide:

Before starting the installation of current version plugin nvidia 3d vision, delete the graphics drivers installed on your computer.
Go to Start> Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features
If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, double-click Drivers NVIDIA. * Select the Delete option only. Select NVIDIA Display Driver. Click Delete. Restart your computer
* If you use a non-graphics card NVIDIA, be sure to remove all graphics drivers and shut down your system to replace the card before proceeding.

Insert the Software CD and Manuals 3D Vision in your player.
Select Install Driver GeForce.
Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now when prompted. The installation process continues automatically after the restart.
Select Next to install the 3D Vision driver.
Select Finish to complete the installation. The 3D Vision Setup Wizard will launch automatically when the InstallShield ends. The installation wizard helps you install the infrared emitter to set up and configure your display glasses.
Select Next to start the installation wizard. The wizard is very intuitive and easy to follow.
Connect your IR transmitter when prompted.

Select your game environment
The 3D-Ready screen was found.
Turn on your glasses.
Test your hardware setup. This screen allows you to verify that your hardware is properly configured to display stereoscopic 3D effects and that your glasses and transmitter function correctly. Follow the instructions on the screen
13. Check your ability to see the content in stereoscopic 3D. Now it is established that your hardware can interpret stereoscopic 3D content, make sure that you even can. The inability to see the medical test image in stereoscopic 3D can have several causes:
Adjustment necessary to allow a better perception of stereoscopic 3D. Select Back and verify that you can see the stereoscopic 3D on the screen Test your hardware setup.
Visual problems.
Refer to the safety requirements found in the user guide. Consult a physician if you suspect a physical problem prevents you from seeing stereoscopic 3D.
Warning: If you do not pass the medical test and can not see the test image, NVIDIA recommends that you do not use 3D Vision. Please consult an ophthalmologist to detect any vision problems. 3D Vision will not be activated.
14. Configuration is complete.


Current Version Plugin Picasa

Picasa plugin persists to astonish with the efficiency which allows users to import, edit, upload and share digital photos. Picasa is introduced by Google. Google has been updating this plugin ever since it was released for the initial time. It has improved in terms of interface and user-friendliness. Picasa is as well one of the simpler to utilize tool. It permits you to edit your pictures, insert Geo-tagging and saved them to Picasa web album. Furthermore, it has face-recognition feature. The plagin allows interaction between the web browser and desktop.
Current version plugin Picasa is one of Google product which allow users to display, edit, upload and share images or photos. After launch Google +, Google has improve Picasa feature.In current version of Picasa has a feature Geo-tagging and Face recognition. It also make photo sharing easy to your circle. Picasa is designed for Google Chrome web browser, but it will be able use in Firefox browser using "AddToPicasa" add-on.Current-Version-Plugin-Picasa
Users can control which file types and folder Picasa displays. It also allows to import photos from many sources, including cameras, CDs, memory cards, scanners, webcams etc. Imported photos are saved on computer and automatically displayed in Picasa.
Users can organize photos in three different type of collections. Folders, Albums and People.It also has a feature for face recognition.

Where Can You Download Picasa plugin

To download this plug-in, you must first go to Google extension directory. You can start by browsing the different options available in the directory. The best way to download the current version plugin Picasa is through clicking on download button below.

How to install:

After download the software, twice click it to begin installation. It will promptly install once you submit primary information it wants.

Which Browsers Support This Plugin:

The browsers that support the Current Version Plugin Picasa include Google Chrome only. This plugin doesn't work with any other web browser. If you want to use the same features from Firefox web browsers then "AddToPicasa" would be a great solution for you to share and upload images directly to picasa from your Mozilla web browser. You need to connect your Google account with plugin to enjoy features of this plugin.(download AddToPicasa from here)

How to Remove Picasa Plugin:

To remove from Firefox, go to Tools > Add-ons > Plugins > and select AddToPicasa in the list > Disable. Firefox will disable this plugin. You can also completely remove it after disabling.
To remove from Google Chrome, go to Tools > Extensions > and select Picasa in the list > Disable. Chrome will disable this plugin. You can also completely remove it by clicking on dustbin icon near check-box.


Current Version Plugin Picasa allows you to share images and videos straight from your web browser at super-fast speed. It also allows you to add tags to your uploaded images and also used to organize web albums. Its extremely recommended for those who want to share media at lightening fast speed within click.Picasa adds a new feature called "Face Movie" video that animates photos of your contacts.

Windows Presentation Foundation

Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation plugin (WPF plugin) is a special kind of plug-in that enables user to view certain types of multimedia files on the website. This plug-in is part of Automatic updates from Microsoft. The odd part is that it gets installed automatically in Firefox as soon as the suitable update/download happens and didn’t take the users permission to perform this task!

The current version plugin Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plugin used to add additional features to Firefox. This plugin activate use of  XAML browser applications (XBAPs), loose XAML, and ClickOnce applications to work with the Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla has been already blocked this plugin soon after its launch but only for two days. It is unblocked now as Mozilla has been confirmed about security issues with this plugin. You can find it in the list of Mozilla supported plugin directory. This plugin uses .NET Framework for Firefox to enable features.

Where Can You Download Current Version Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin :

To download this plug-in, you must first go to msdn microsoft website. You can start by browsing the different options available in the website. A few stand-alone installers are also available in third party current version plug-in websites but so far, the best way to download the Current Version Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin is through clicking on download button below
click here to download

Install/Upgrade info:

Installing the current version plugin Windows Presentation Foundation requires an installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. However, if you want to enable XBAP content in the browser without reinstallating WPF, you can copy files from a working windows XP or Vista PC to the browser’s plugin directory. The common location of the WPF plugin dll is as follows but may vary:

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\WPF\NPWPF.dll in version 3.5 (SP1)
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\WPF\NPWPF.dll in version 4
Windows Presentation Foundation-plugin

How to Update

To update this plugin, you need to update .Net Framework to its recent version. This plugin will be automatically updated with update of  .NET Framework.


 Uninstalling current version plugin Windows Presentation Foundation is not possible standalone. You need to delete files from folders and registry entries manually. You can try to do so by following instructions given here at your own risk.


Presentation Foundation plugin helps Firefox web browser to check version of .Net installed on your system. It is inbuilt with newer version of Windows XP and Firefox to enhance browsing experience. current version plugin Windows Presentation Foundation also used to make standalone application using cross browsing platforms which requires in depth coding knowledge and experience.