Google Update

Google updater is wonderful and handy application to update all Google programs. The "GoogleUpdate.exe" program downloads automatically when you want to install any application from Google Pack and guides you to the whole installation process. Google Update is a Add-ons used to update Google products such as G-Talk, Google Earth, Google Chrome, Google Picasa, etc... Whereas this application is a component Google Chrome and Google Earth. It makes sure that Google Chrome and Google Earth are checking for and installing updates regularly. So basically it is concerned if you have Google Chrome or Google earth installed on your personal computer.  It automatically installs with programs such as Chrome, Google Earth, Google Picasa, GTalk. current version plugin google update makes sure that all your Google applications are up-to-date, so you don't have to worry about anything else than enjoying its products. Why did it become so popular? Because it is made by Google. It is light, small, very simple and absolutely free. It is intended for two main tasks: downloads and installs the latest version Google Product. this Mozilla Firefox Plugin accurately scans your PC and finds any update needed. This feature saves quite some time on clicking and finding the current release.

Installation guide:

Current release of Google Up-date Plug-in is the program that downloads and installs all the software in the Google Pack. You can use the Updater to do the following:
- Configure how your Pack software is updated.
- Monitor the status of your installation and install new version.
- Run software that's been installed.
- Uninstall software.
In order to check the info of Google Update plugin for Firefox, you will just have to go to menu > Add-ons > Plugins > Google Update in your Firefox browser. You can manage your plugin from here and you can even disable it.

download :

You cannot install an update to this plugin as standalone plugin. You will not find its standalone version. To update, you will have to wait until Google automatically updates it. Whenever there is a new version, Google will update it.

Uninstall &  Disable:

If you have any problem using the current version plugin Google Update, you can disable it from menu > Add-ons > Plugins > Google Update click on disable button.
many users said that they were able to remove the plugin but it came back right after they update their Google Chrome. The only solution for these errors is to completely uninstall that plugin. in the article below, we provide more information about How To Remove | Uninstall Google Update Plugin.

How To Remove Uninstall Google Update Plugin

Are Your Google Update Plugin Safe?

The plugin will help you to get latest version update for all Google product that installed in your computer to make your stay update. I think you don't need to remove it from Mozilla Firefox plugin list. many users said that the plugin is safe and don't affect to browsing experience &  this Extension is perfect to to keep your Google applications up to date and secure. But if you want remove or disable this plugin, its not problem.
How to Uninstall Google-Update-Plugin completely


- Most of the times, my computer crashes, when I have Firefox open. I found that the crashes happen when "Google Update" is run.
- some people getting error report when they start up Firefox.
- usually users have problems with this Add-ons while starting Firefox will stop seeing the warning message after disabling the plugin.
NOTE: The previously issue was fixed in the latest version.

How To Remove | Uninstall Google Up-date Plug-in completely?

GoogleUpdate.exe will work silently without even asking your permission. You can find Google plugin under processes in Task Manager.

GoogleUpdate.exe-processes in Task Manager
in this article I will show you how to completely remove | uninstall Google Update Plugin step by step. many users said that they were able to remove the plugin but it will appear again if you installed another Google product. there is tow steps must be done:
- first step Disable Google Update Plugin
- second step uninstall GoogleUpdate.exe
- third step Disable Google Updater from Startup Programs.
Here quick instruction to do this:

step 1: How to Disable Google Update from Mozilla Firefox plugin list?

This does not uninstall, but it configures Firefox to not load the plugin on start. Follow steps below to disable Google Updater plugin :

Open the Firefox menu  > Select the Add-ons section > select Google Update in plugin list > Press the Disable button in front of Google Update > Reboot your web browser.

step 2: How to Uninstall Google-Update-Plugin completely from windows?

you need to delete the plugin from the Google Update folder under Program Files and the Application Data folder.

  • Program Files: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\Current Version\npGoogleUpdate3.dll
  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Update\Current Version\npGoogleUpdate3.dll

This is assuming you have installed Windows on C drive. If you delete these files from the folders, GoogleUpdate will be deleted. If you want to uninstall it from Mozilla plugins, it’s will not cause damage to your browser. But this plugin will came back right after they update their Google Chrome. Probably you must uninstall all Google applications from your computer. Wait for a few minutes this plugin disappear automatically.
Use the instructions below to manually uninstall all Google Product:
* go to Windows Start Menu and navigate to the Control Panel.
* Click Uninstall a program or Add and remove a program.
uninstall all Google Product
* In the list of installed programs, search for Google Products softwares. Once located, double click the unwanted programs and click the Uninstall button.

step 3: Disable Google Updater from Startup Programs using CCleaner

finally, try to disable Google Up-date Plug-in that start during the system boot. To do this, you just need to install Ccleaner utility is free and can be used to disable startup programs in Windows 7, Vista, and XP.
disable_Google Update-startup_programs-using_ccleaner
Go to Tools and click the Startup button and search "Google Update" and click the Disable button.

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McAfee SiteAdvisor

Current Version Plugin McAfee SiteAdvisor

McAfee SiteAdvisor is a good security solution to reduce the risk of infections related to internet. this extension will not cause compatibility problems with other antivirus software. In addition it is Free, efficient and convenient. However, this add-ons have a limited support for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. it not compatible with Google Chrome and Opera. SiteAdvisor is an add-on to your browser to determine if a site is trustworthy before you consult.when you're surfing on the Web, a colored icon will appear in the status bar. during a search on Google, Yahoo or MSN, a similar icon will be visible to each result. They quickly identify the integrity of a site. It is possible at any time to see the results of tests conducted by McAfee.

current version plugin McAfee SiteAdvisor can reduce the risk of infection related to internet searches. it available for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This extension will take care to display next to each search result a color icon indicating the reliability of the site. Red icon means high risk, yellow icon means low risk, green icon means no risk. In most cases, all you have to do is follow the color codes to avoid falling on a corrupted website and thus infect your computer. the extension supports more than 20 search engines including: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol. In addition, it integrates a secure search box. Rather discreet on Firefox, it fits in the menu bar below the interface. On Internet Explorer 8 and 9, it takes the form of a classic toolbar. It offers a secure search on Yahoo engine.

features :

SiteAdvisor software has the following features:
* Safer Searching
* E-mail Link Checking
* Safer Browsing
* Secure Search Box
* Download Protection
* Safe Share
* Phishing Protection
* Safer Shopping
* Protected Mode
McAfee SiteAdvisor firefox

download :

In order to install current version plugin McAfee SiteAdvisor, you just need to download and install McAfee Site Advisor in your computer and it will automatically added in your web browser. The program is free to download and can be downloaded through the link provided below.
Download link:
Close your browsers before starting the McAfee SiteAdvisor installation. the plugin will automatically integrate on Mozilla Firefox. Once the process is complete, a configuration window will prompt you to activate the "Secure Search" function. In addition, you can choose between three options to view or not assessments and block or not links to dangerous sites. we advise you to check "Show all reviews of sites and do not block links to dangerous sites." Finally, we recommend that you uncheck the options to set Yahoo as default search engine and as your browsers home page. do not wait and install it with eyes closed, it's perfect.

Google Earth Plug-in Firefox

Current Version Plugin Google Earth Plug-in

The Google Earth Plugin program provides access to Google Earth, without going through the application, but directly from your browser. In this way, it will be possible to enjoy 3D maps directly on the sites offering and use the options provided on Google Earth application. After you have installed this current version plugin Google Earth Plug-in for your web browser, you can also enjoy to view 3D Earth view geographic from it. Since Google Earth integrated with Google Maps, it allow us to be able to explore the world from far away and right up close. Google earth can also zoom any part of the world, and for some places, observe from a few meters away.  And now, in this post I will give you the features of this great Mozilla Firefox Add-ons.

Using Google Earth Plug-in we can explore and navigate geographic data on a 3D globe using only a web browser. This plugin is also used on Earth view in Google Maps. Earth View in Google Maps allows us to see high-resolution imagery, terrain, and 3D buildings that are available in the desktop version of Google Earth. The Google Earth plug-in for Firefox allows users to view Google Earth content that is embedded directly on Web sites. Developers who want to include Google Earth content on their own sites must apply for a Google Maps API key. current version plugin google earth plug-in is a virtual globe program that was originally called Earth Viewer and was created by Keyhole. Program earth mapping of superimposition of images collected from satellite mapping, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe. The performance of the software are excellent with very nice interface. That evolves considerably with the latest version. This excellent program is able to turn a computer into a real globe land (and space) with advanced features.
latest version plugin Google Earth Plug-in

download :

The latest version plugin Google Earth Plug-in is currently available for the following operating systems and web browsers:

- Windows Xp, windows 7, windows vista, windows 8, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Mac OS, Linux.
- Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome 1.0+, Safari 3.1+.
- File Size: 299.6K
- File Name: GoogleEarthPluginSetup_en.exe
- This plug-in can be downloaded free from the official website link.

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SharePoint Browser Plug-in

Current Version Plugin SharePoint Browser Plug-in

SharePoint Browser Plug-in allows you to access SharePoint features using web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. However, certain web browsers could cause some functionality to be downgraded, limited, or available only through alternative steps.
current version plugin sharepoint browser plug-in is an extensible and scalable web-based platform that supports the collaboration and sharing of information within teams and throughout the organization. One common use of SharePoint is to create sites that are used for team collaboration. These collaborative sites, also known as team sites, enable team members to better work with one another. They can use the site to share documents, assign tasks, track team events on a shared web calendar and much more. Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. also, it is an enterprise information portal that can be configured to run Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites, that can help improve your organization's effectiveness by streamlining the management of data.

features :

Easily access your resources (Your files, your lists, tasks, calendars, your discussions) and share them online with your colleagues through Microsoft Office SharePoint Browser. Each modification performed on a document is automatically synchronized, even when you are disconnected. Mozilla Firefox Add-ons
Microsoft Office SharePoint allows to create workspaces to share your documents. current version plugin SharePoint Browser Plug-in allows to work simultaneously on the same file with collaborators connect to the internet. Optimize your enterprise and reduce the risk with powerful control from this plugin. you can find your documents in one click with Windows Search Integration. this Mozilla Firefox Add-ons offers the access to your files from any workstation via a simple Internet browser. With Sharepoint Plug-in, You can create website easily. Watch this video to learn more about SharePoint features.

conclusion :

This plugin enables Microsoft SharePoint users to open and edit documents using Microsoft Office applications from a Mozilla Firefox web browser. In order to install the current version plugin sharepoint browser plug-in you just need installing Microsoft Office Suite. Important to know, Installing SharePoint in your personal computer doesn’t affect your browsing experience. To keep up to date on all the new features within SharePoint 2010, you can visit the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 web site at The site contains the most up to date resources to help you learn about all the new features SharePoint 2010 has to offer.

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DivX OVS Helper Plug-in

Current Version Plugin DivX OVS Helper Plug-in

DivX Plus Software is a software suite that consists of a media player, DivX Converter to convert video files, DivX Plus Web Player to play videos from a browser and DivX Plus Codec Pack.
current version plugin divx ovs helper plug-in does mean Open Video System is a complete hosted service that allows content creators to deliver high-quality DivX video content over the Internet. Open Video System used to provide content and service providers with encoding services, content storage and distribution services, and use of DivX media format and digital rights management technology. Using the DivX OVS Helper Plug-in “Open Video System”, a content service provider can launch its own web store and sell content online. DivX partners with Current Version Plugin DivX OVS Helper Plug-in providers to offer you the opportunity to rent and purchase video from a diverse group of sites. Any DivX video content purchased from these VOD providers will be playable on your computer by logging into your DivX Player account or any DivX Certified device that you have registered to that account.

The DivX VOD (Video on Demand) system uses DivX Digital Rights Management (DRM), a security technology infrastructure responsible for protecting copyrights while enabling you to legally rent and purchase video online. For more detailed information on how this works, read our Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM article.
Note that it is compatible with HD resolutions (up to 1080p), DivX OVS Helper Plug-in offers optimized for Dual Core processors allow you to fluidity in all situations, even when you use other applications at the same time. One advantage of DivX OVS Add-ons is that it automatically detects new versions during installation, ensuring the user the possession of the latest version.
DivX OVS Helper Plug-in
DivX VOD Helper Plug-in — from file “OVSHelper.plugin”


Description Extensions


DivX OVS Helper Plug-in app

divx player netscape plugin

Current Version Plugin Divx Player Netscape Plugin

If you use DivX Pro and your browser is Firefox, then you will need DivX Player Netscape plugin to play most videos properly. The plugin is required by some DivX videos so that they can be encoded within the browser. Videos requiring DivX plugin will only play once you’ve installed the plugin. Divx Player Netscape Plugin lets you play high-quality DivX content live in your web browser, working with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Mozilla. It does not require a special streaming server or any server side installation so it's easy to use in your own web pages. latest version plugin Divx® Player Netscape Plugin plays your favorite DivX videos inside the browser without getting you into any trouble. The output is stunning HD DivX video that you always wanted to see even while surfing the web.

DivX is a perfect media player for Windows. It comes with numerous features. It can play high quality videos inlcuding HD videos. The player also gives you features such as library so that you can keep your video files organized at all the times. If you have video files with ".divx format", you need program called DivX Player to play it. current version plugin divx player netscape plugin is a one of browser plugin which allows users to play video with ".divx" extension, not only that by using DivX Web Player we can stream other popular web video format such as (.mkv, .avi and mp4). DivX Pro for Windows comes with DivX codec as well as plugin for Firefox. You won’t have to download any of these separately to get full functionality from the player. When you install DivX Pro for Windows, you will also get DivX converter with it. You can use this converter to convert any file into DivX format. These converted files can be played on millions of devices without any issues.


install :

To install Current Version Plugin Divx Player Netscape Plugin, you just need to install DivX Pro. Once you install the DivX pro in your PC, you will have the plugin automatically working within Firefox browser. You can play any video in your browser and you won’t have to download anything additional. get latest version plugin divx® player netscape add-ons on official website
If DivX video does not play in the browser, restart the browser and device. You may have to upgrade your Mozilla Firefox browser to the latest version for best results.

features :

-Plays DivX VOD content and supports progressive downloading
-Playback DivX media files with advanced interactive features
-Supports advanced ATI video technology
-Fully skinnable user interface: You can personalize your DivX Player by adding a stylish new (skin).
-Dual monitor support
-Enhanced for HD playback
-Low CPU and memory requirements

conclusion :

DivXNetworks had not yet launched plugin for web browser. This is now done with Divx Browser Plugin that allows your browser to play videos encoded in DivX format and integrated with web pages.
DivX Plus Web Player lets you play up to HD-quality DivX® video in your web browser. You can also use DivX® Content Upload Plugin to easily embed & upload DivX videos onto your website or blog.

Unity Player

Current Version Plugin Unity Player

If you are looking for a plug-in for the most known web browsers on the web, you may well trust Unity web player. This plug-in is the perfect solution that combines with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla and Netscape. Unity Player, is a plugin for your web browser display animations and games developed with Unity technology. current version plugin unity web player player is a software giving you the ability to display applications developed with the Unity engine. It is a high technology allowing to view 3D applications. This is a program with which you will have a perfect performance images and 3D visualization of the most excellent.
Current Version Plugin Unity Player allows you to view 3D content created to be directly enjoyed on your browse. Today many developers are making games with UNITY.Unity platform can also serve to build rich 3D games with animated characters, graphic design, deep physics. Then you can get in on your own web and can also play with other friends.

download :

The current version plugin unity player is installed with the Unity web player. The Unity Web Player is free to download and available for all operating systems. It also works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Windows Internet Explorer web browsers. The web player and the accompanying plugin has a feature that will update the software automatically, keeping your software and plugin always update to date. On the other hand, it might become outdated, so you have to download the newest or the latest Unity Web player from the official website.
You can download this Unity Player plugin at this link.
mozilla_firefox_poster-1386321986 - Copie

install :

latest version plugin unity player will be installed automatically on your browser when you begin to install the Unity Web Player.

conclusion :

Unity is a gaming platform in which can be run on the computer, android, and browser. even a popular game in the browser made ​​for this platform. Unity Player is a plug-in that is specially designed for web browsers, allowing users to enjoy the capabilities of 3D games developed with Unity3D.