DivX OVS Helper Plug-in

Current Version Plugin DivX OVS Helper Plug-in

DivX Plus Software is a software suite that consists of a media player, DivX Converter to convert video files, DivX Plus Web Player to play videos from a browser and DivX Plus Codec Pack.
current version plugin divx ovs helper plug-in does mean Open Video System is a complete hosted service that allows content creators to deliver high-quality DivX video content over the Internet. Open Video System used to provide content and service providers with encoding services, content storage and distribution services, and use of DivX media format and digital rights management technology. Using the DivX OVS Helper Plug-in “Open Video System”, a content service provider can launch its own web store and sell content online. DivX partners with Current Version Plugin DivX OVS Helper Plug-in providers to offer you the opportunity to rent and purchase video from a diverse group of sites. Any DivX video content purchased from these VOD providers will be playable on your computer by logging into your DivX Player account or any DivX Certified device that you have registered to that account.

The DivX VOD (Video on Demand) system uses DivX Digital Rights Management (DRM), a security technology infrastructure responsible for protecting copyrights while enabling you to legally rent and purchase video online. For more detailed information on how this works, read our Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM article.
Note that it is compatible with HD resolutions (up to 1080p), DivX OVS Helper Plug-in offers optimized for Dual Core processors allow you to fluidity in all situations, even when you use other applications at the same time. One advantage of DivX OVS Add-ons is that it automatically detects new versions during installation, ensuring the user the possession of the latest version.
DivX OVS Helper Plug-in
DivX VOD Helper Plug-in — from file “OVSHelper.plugin”


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DivX OVS Helper Plug-in app

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