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Playing games and watching videos are coming into the third dimension on web Browser by the technology of NVIDIA. NVIDIA 3D Vision plugin allows you to enjoy 3D videos on your web browser. You will be capable to watch 3D videos in Firefox , Internet Explorer 7 and Google Chrome. But, this will only possible if your computer is equipped by NVIDIA graphic hardware. Hence, if you computer doesn’t get NVIDIA’s hardware, you cannot get this feature on you computer.The current version plugin nvidia 3d vision enables you to watch 3D videos on your browser including YouTube videos and online games. However, this will only work if your PC is equipped with NVIDIA graphic hardware. Also, installation of drivers and plugins is a must for a complete 3D experience on the PC.mozilla-3d-vision-plugin

NVIDIA 3D Vision, earlier known as GeForce 3D Vision, will allow you to enjoy 3D videos from YouTube and online 3D games. There are lots of 3D games that run by the help of NVIDIA 3D Vision like Civilization V, Resident Evil 5, Rusty Hearts, Mafia II, Hard Reset, Battlefield 3 and several others. So if you want to play any of these games or others 3D games on your browser, you have to download and install current version of NVIDIA 3D vision plugin.

Download Plugin:

Current version plugin Nvidia 3D vision can be downloaded with the latest drivers from Nvidia or through the link below.


NVIDIA 3D Vision was identified as GeForce 3D Vision before. This stereoscopic gaming kit was released in 2009 and particularly made for 120 Hz LCD displays. But NVIDIA has made changes to run 3D videos even on CRT monitors. But it is now as well friendly with CRT monitors, which can run on 1024×768×120 Hz or higher displays.
Nvidia gaming kit runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms. Lots of users are claiming that the this add-on is turning browser slow and directs to stop browser working.
The plugin has been found to cause crashes and slow down browsers. It is recommended to have at least 6GB of RAM to ensure the efficient working of this plugin.

Installation Guide:

Before starting the installation of current version plugin nvidia 3d vision, delete the graphics drivers installed on your computer.
Go to Start> Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features
If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, double-click Drivers NVIDIA. * Select the Delete option only. Select NVIDIA Display Driver. Click Delete. Restart your computer
* If you use a non-graphics card NVIDIA, be sure to remove all graphics drivers and shut down your system to replace the card before proceeding.

Insert the Software CD and Manuals 3D Vision in your player.
Select Install Driver GeForce.
Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now when prompted. The installation process continues automatically after the restart.
Select Next to install the 3D Vision driver.
Select Finish to complete the installation. The 3D Vision Setup Wizard will launch automatically when the InstallShield ends. The installation wizard helps you install the infrared emitter to set up and configure your display glasses.
Select Next to start the installation wizard. The wizard is very intuitive and easy to follow.
Connect your IR transmitter when prompted.

Select your game environment
The 3D-Ready screen was found.
Turn on your glasses.
Test your hardware setup. This screen allows you to verify that your hardware is properly configured to display stereoscopic 3D effects and that your glasses and transmitter function correctly. Follow the instructions on the screen
13. Check your ability to see the content in stereoscopic 3D. Now it is established that your hardware can interpret stereoscopic 3D content, make sure that you even can. The inability to see the medical test image in stereoscopic 3D can have several causes:
Adjustment necessary to allow a better perception of stereoscopic 3D. Select Back and verify that you can see the stereoscopic 3D on the screen Test your hardware setup.
Visual problems.
Refer to the safety requirements found in the user guide. Consult a physician if you suspect a physical problem prevents you from seeing stereoscopic 3D.
Warning: If you do not pass the medical test and can not see the test image, NVIDIA recommends that you do not use 3D Vision. Please consult an ophthalmologist to detect any vision problems. 3D Vision will not be activated.
14. Configuration is complete.

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