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Microsoft® Windows Media Services (WMS) is a streaming media server from Microsoft that allows the dissemination of feeds (audio/video). it support many  formats such as Windows Media, MP3, and JPEG. In addition to its ability to disseminate, current version plugin Microsoft® Windows Media Services can hide and save the workflow, manage authentication, impose limits of connections, use of multiple communication protocols, generate statistics and apply the management of connection errors (FEC). It can support many simultaneous connections. Windows media 9.5 service (current version) is not included by default in Windows Server 2008 but it can be downloaded for free. For more information about Windows Media Services (formerly called NetShow Services), or to download program files and documentation, see the Windows Media Web site.
Streaming media (audio or video) is more and more popular on the Internet. If you are reading this article, you have already realized you need the advantages of streaming media on your website. current version plugin Microsoft® Windows Media Services is an industrial-strength platform for streaming live or on-demand audio and video content over the Internet or an intranet. Use Windows Media Services to configure and manage one or more Windows Media servers that deliver your content to clients. The Streaming Media Services role is not included in the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system. This role includes the latest version of Microsoft Windows Media Services, Windows Media Services 2008 for Windows Server 2008 R2. current release of Microsoft® Windows Media Services plug-in has implemented Microsoft Windows Media technology for streaming live or on-demand audio and video content over the Internet. With Windows Media technology, you can watch video-on-demand programs using Windows Media Players on your desktop or notebook easily.  Windows Media Services has a production tool for converting both live and pre-recorded audio and video into Windows Media files or streams.
Current Release of Microsoft® Windows Media Services Plug-in


current version plugin Microsoft® Windows Media Services has many features which improves the end user experience:
• Multiple Bit Rates: You can now encode into one file the streams that can serve a variety of connection speeds. The player and server will work together to deliver the appropriate stream to give the best user experience possible.
• including ingest, encoding, format conversion, content protection and both on-demand and live streaming capabilities.
• Media Compression: The audio compression method has been improved 20%, and the video 15-30% over previous versions.
• Scalable: Windows Media Server 2003 can serve approximately twice as many concurrent streams as compared with the previous version.
• Instant On: New technology reduces buffering time so the video starts playing almost instantly.

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