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Current Version Plugin Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer

Do you use Google services like Gmail, GTalk, and Google+ for catching up with your friends, family members, and work colleagues? Do you wish you could see your friends in video while talking to them? Most internet users are already using voice and video chat to connect to their friends but its sad that they can’t do it with their Google contacts. But its not the case; Google can’t be so unaware of their users. We know it and we believe it. With current version plugin Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer for Firefox, you can chat with your friends and see them at the same time. To use Google Talk, you must have Gmail account. If you are not yet using Gmail, you can get a free account. Your Gmail contacts are pre-loaded and the people you communicate with most often will appear in your Google Talk friends list. You can also save your Google Talk chats sessions in your Gmail account so you can access it later.
Gmail also has its own instant messaging capabilities, which are perfectly synchronized with Google Talk. Absolutely all data is synchronized (your contacts, your status messages).
Google Talk performs the same functions as the Gmail Notifier which alerts you when you receive a new message to your Gmail address. You will also receive a notification when you are prompted to chat or if you have an incoming call.
The current version plugin Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer simply adds features to your browser that let you initiate a video call with your friend from regular chat window. Look for friends with a camera icon next to their name. They are the people with camera on their side. So if you click the camera icon, you will a dropdown list with options for video and voice call. The Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer can applies to latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Same like other video chatting program, you must have web cam to use this plugin.But if you don't have camera this plugin just transmit audio to your friend. In other words we are still able to chat with one-way chatting, which only audio chatting.

Download & Installation Guide:

Visit the official G-Talk website. Click “Download Plugin” to begin downloading. The plugin will install instantly. Firefox users will have to restart their browser to start enjoying Voice and Video chat in Google services.
Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer

Final Verdict:

Google Talk is now replaced by Google+ Hangouts as multiplatform instant messaging service.You should keep current version plugin Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer because it allows you to make phone calls and discuss face to face with your friends right from your computer.

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