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Current Version Plugin Rim Handheld Application Loader

You think how to connecting your Blackberry phone to your PC? you may get problem create a connection between your phone with personal computer! don't worry, your problem can be solved. just you must have current version plugin Rim Handheld Application Loader . It is a Firefox plugin for Blackberry Desktop software which it helps to synchronize your Blackberry devices with your computer. this plugin will be automatically installed on your Mozilla Firefox web browser when you install Blackberry Desktop Software on your computer.

RIM Handheld Application Loader is a Firefox plugin for Blackberry desktop software which you can use to manage specific features of your BlackBerry devices and your BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. Your system administrator can provide you with the web address for the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager and the required login information. current version plugin RIM Handheld Application Loader will connect Blackberry devices with computer which it make users easily to manage contact, music, media, calendar and other data in their Blackberry phones from computer. This software is compatible with most internet browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. It is completely free and you will be able to make many services provided by this necessary add-on. it will assist you in connecting your Blackberry phone with a PC. You also can save backup your data in Blackberry devices in computer using this software. In other word if you lost data in your device, you can restore it any time.
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conclusion :

According to my experience, Rim Handheld Application Loader Plug-in is part of Blackberry Desktop software so you should keep it installed in your computer. Because, With this plugin you will enables to use all feature of Blackberry desktop software in Mozilla Firefox. it helps to synchronize your Blackberry devices with your computer. This software is created by blackberry.com and it can be downloaded from this link.

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