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Winamp is a multimedia player, it is still able to read a multitude of audio and video formats. The program can now extract your CDs and compress AAC or WAV format. The current release has burning feature, so you will be able to burn your playlists and create your own compilations. Plugins of old version can be used since the program retains compatibility. The appearance of the interface is fully customizable with classic skins, or with modern skins. Winamp will also allow you to discover radio stations and television channels broadcast on the Internet through.

The current version plugin Winamp Application Detector has emerged for Winamp media player. It contains improvements and plenty of fixes as well as updates for a few components. it manages a large number of audio and video formats where most competitors are limited to major. WinAmp is also much easier to customize skins, or various plugins. The latest software version includes many new features, starting with a unified interface reminiscent of iTunes. What is Winamp Application Detector? it is a shareware software developed by Nullsoft. it is a Mozilla Firefox Add-ons helps the browser detect an installation of Winamp media player on your PC when you are access website that need to open using Winamp player. it is very similarly to the iTunes Plugin in which it detects media files on other websites then opens the WinAmp Media Player once that file is clicked on. In other word, we need use this plugin when we access some website with audio files that required Winamp to play it. One of the main functions of the latest version of Winamp Application Detector is to identify media or application on website and connect you to that media on the Winamp software. This can let you manage or control the files you have in your computer.

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Note: to make the plugin work correctly you must disable the following plugins: VLC Web Plugin & VLC media player Web Plugin 2.0.0. The software now has a module allowing easy access to the audio content of the web pages such as the audioblogs. the current release of Winamp Application Detector Plug-in fixed the problem with some radio streams that would no longer play, occasional crashes when importing the library in the previous version of the application or Winamp Detector plugin failing to work in the most recent Mozilla Firefox release. This plugin is also suitable to be used in detection while you are browsing an audio content on web pages such as the audioblogs,, Make sure you have the current version plugin winamp application detector, it will update the plug-in for Firefox as well. download it from the official website

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