Google Talk Npapi Plugin

Current Version Plugin Google Talk Npapi Plugin

current version plugin Google Voice and Video Chat is a Freeware software developed by Google. Google Talk offers instant messaging to all of your Gmail contacts. The plugin Hangouts is free and easy to install. After a few steps, you will be able to discuss face to face with your friends, anywhere in the world. Google Talk video chat plugin allows us video chat with our Google Talk friends. However, we can not run videos in Google talk. It is browser-based plugin for Google web chat services like Gmail, iGoogle, orkut, Google+. current version plugin Google Talk Npapi Plugin is a must have for anyone who uses Google Talk / or Google Hangouts for video chats and conferencing. The Google Hangouts plugin enables Gmail users to have audio and video chats with their connected friends. Of course, you need a webcam or you can have a one-way video chat if your friend has a camera icon next to their name, you can make a voice or video call to them; just click the camera icon to place a video call or the phone icon to place a voice call. The plugin is free to get and can be downloaded through the link provided below.
Download link


Google Talk Npapi Plugin provides the following features:
- Choice: stay in touch by email, chat or voice call.
- Quality: talk with your friends, from PC to PC.
- Easy: your Gmail contacts list is pre-loaded into Google Talk. So, you can invite your friends or talk with them in just a few clicks.
- Place calls to landline and mobile phones within your Gmail account. Just dial any phone number you’ll be connected. The phone number is tied to your Google ID, not to a device or a location. Google Voice works with mobile phones, desk phones, work phones, and VOIP lines.


Current version plugin Google Talk Npapi Plugin is a better option for other people because they don’t have to download other plugins to enjoy video chatting with friends. Google Talk is now replaced by Hangouts as multiplatform instant messaging service.

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